What is Classy Learn?

Classy Learn is an Arabic learning app helping school children from Grade-1 to Grade-6 learn Arabic in an easy and efficient way. Classy Learn’s lesson plan is creatively designed to simplify the school syllabus of Grade-1 to Grade-6 and enables them to independently read, writes and speak Arabic with interactive and engaging study material.

How It Works ?

Learn from Basics

We introduce you to Arabic letters, words, vocabulary and pronunciations.

Visual Based Classes

Story based teaching for a visual understanding of objects and actions.

Interactive Drills

Lessons induced with focus questions and playful activities to deepen understanding.

Easy Revisions

Recap your chapters by taking regular unit tests for better practice.

Our Key Features

Lessons induced with focus questions and playful activities to deepen understanding

Independent Learning

Digital learning material with strong visuals and story based learning to better understand Arabic letters, words, vocabulary and pronunciations

Syllabus Based Lesson Plan

Our lesson plan is developed around the school syllabus of your child to help him learn connect with his regular classes

Conceptual Interactive Drills

Every lesson is introduced with to the child in the form of pictures, videos and cartoons with Q&A of images used in the lessons for easy mapping

Track Student Progress

Students performance will be periodically measured, made visible to students & parents to encourage him for revision to improve score

Mentor & Guidance

A weekly review meeting with all students on video conference to ensure student progress and resolve any queries to ensure smooth progress

Easy Chat for help

Parents can chat online with their respective teachers for queries in the lessons and assignments during the free hours

Our Lesson Plan

Our Lesson plan includes simple pictorial representation of characters and objects to explain concepts in the syllabus

Lesson Plan Grade - 1

Lesson plan empowers the students to learn alphabets, numbers, grammar, 2 lettered words & simple word formation, vowels, rhymes and shapes.

Lesson Plan Grade - 2

Lesson plan introduces kids to longer words, grammar, numbers, Sentence forming, conversation and activities.

Lesson Plan Grade - 3

Lesson plan teaches students advanced sentence formation, grammar, paragraphs, letter writing, senses and geographical learning

Lesson Plan Grade - 4

Lesson plan introduces kids to advanced words and sentence formation, grammar, letter writing and social activities. Students learns topics like sports, foreign locations and culture.

Lesson Plan Grade - 5

Lesson plan teaches students passage writing, effective communication, cultural events, sports activities, places around the word and good habits for an obedient student.

Our Teachers

At Classy learn we are backed by a network of well qualified, experienced, expressive, passionate group of Arabic teachers who actively participate in empowering students to learn independently with fun. Our teachers play an active part in creating creative, interactive subject content with their experiences from their teaching career.

Our Technical Team

We are a young team of efficient resourceful professionals with proven experience and exposure in challenging projects. They are the technical wizards behind bringing the creative ideas into reality.

Our Lesson Plans Comprise of

Picture Dictionary


Story Based Learning


Interactive Q&A Session


Easy Learning


Classy Learn Team

Classy Learn is an Arabic teaching application developed with the main focus of simplifying the learning experience of non Arabic children who do not speak Arabic as their mother tongue. This app helps children of grade 1 to grade 6 to easily follow their school syllabus with the help of visual creative and stories. The team of Classy Learn is a mix of professionals with more than 30 years of experience and international exposure in fields like corporate business planning, finance, hospitality, SAAS & Management studies.

Our Mission

We would like to be identified as the best Arabic Teaching App in all Arabic countries.

Our Vision

Our core vision is to introduce concept based visual education from the elementary school level for a better learning experience.

Our Core Team


Girija Menon

Founder - Classy Learn

With an MBA in finance and with more than 26 years of experience in HR, Media and as a financial consultant for varied companies, she started this initiative to promote Arabic Language by providing a platform for the children to read, write and speak Arabic fluently. She was also awarded by the Chief Minister of Karnataka for carrying out a sting operation on child trafficking in Goa.

Her love for the children inspired her to connect with them through this project.


Seleena Abdul Rasheed

Partner - Classy Learn

Seleena is an internationally trained hospitality professional empowered to deal with any challenges in the hospitality industry; she has worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for about 10 years. A successful business women and a home maker, influencer to many who are new to parenting. She has good command on Arabic language and understands the efforts needed to master the language. She is a key pillar in our Classy Learn project which enables kids learn Arabic with ease.


Bhavyashree L

Global Head - Classy Learn

A qualified Psychotherapist, specialised in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health From The University of Sydney. She is an experienced life-skill, soft-skill trainer, able team leader, parenting coach and actively worked towards child empowerment. She is a key person in-charge for curriculum design using the whole brain techniques to make the learning easy and fun for children of all grades. She is the Global Head for Classy Learn and the backbone for curriculum restructuring.

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