Our Core Team


Girija Menon

Founder - Classy Learn

With an MBA in finance and with more than 26 years of experience in HR, Media and as a financial consultant for varied companies, she started this initiative to promote Arabic Language by providing a platform for the children to read, write and speak Arabic fluently. She was also awarded by the Chief Minister of Karnataka for carrying out a sting operation on child trafficking in Goa.

Her love for the children inspired her to connect with them through this project.


Seleena Abdul Rasheed

Partner - Classy Learn

Seleena is an internationally trained hospitality professional empowered to deal with any challenges in the hospitality industry; she has worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for about 10 years. A successful business women and a home maker, influencer to many who are new to parenting. She has good command on Arabic language and understands the efforts needed to master the language. She is a key pillar in our Classy Learn project which enables kids learn Arabic with ease.


Bhavyashree L

Global Head - Classy Learn

A qualified Psychotherapist, specialised in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health From The University of Sydney. She is an experienced life-skill, soft-skill trainer, able team leader, parenting coach and actively worked towards child empowerment. She is a key person in-charge for curriculum design using the whole brain techniques to make the learning easy and fun for children of all grades. She is the Global Head for Classy Learn and the backbone for curriculum restructuring.